Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More Baguio Eats

I totally forgot to bring my camera charger in Baguio so I ended up using my husband’s phone instead to take photos. It’s taking such a long time to get the photos from him that is why there is a lack of posts and there’s also the Internet issue. Anyway, I’ve decided to use what I have right now so here it is.

These are our different meals in Baguio. I wish I was able to read a post like this before we left so that I could have made better food choices. Anyway, I hope you find this helpful.

Pizza Hut

From pizza hut, we ordered some buffalo wings which were too sweet. This is the first time I tasted sweet buffalo wings. 


Some carbonara which was okay.


and some Caesar salad which lacked dressing. Seriously, it was too dry. Mom ordered these takeaway from SM.


Auntie Anne’s SM

This Nutella Pull-Aparts from Auntie Anne’s were great. I bought 3 and packed them for our bus snack.


Good Taste

Good Taste is a popular local destination. They have very cheap prices and big servings. But and that is a big BUT, you have to wait at least 45 minutes for the food to arrive and when they do, they are already cold. You also have to brave the super long lines. Their building is 5 floors high and it still gets packed.


This is beef chopsuey. It was bland. My son ordered this. He didn’t like it.


I ordered this adobong hito. It was also bland and did not taste like adobo at all.


Mom ordered this sweet and sour fish. She said she didn’t like it.


Finally, this Nido soup which I ordered for my son. He liked it a little. It was okay for me. We didn’t finish the food. We didn’t know that the servings were huge.  We won’t eat here again.

David’s Tea House SM


We are usually back at the hotel before lunch and so mom just goes to SM to order takeaway. I ordered this chicken and mushroom rice toppings. It was also a bit bland but I finished most of it. There was a ton of rice underneath.


Of course, I had to order siomai but what is siomai without soy sauce and calamansi which they totally forgot to pack! Aarrgh!!! This would have been a great meal but alas, they also forgot to pack utensils. Luckily, I always pack some whenever we travel.

OCHA Session Road


One of the restaurants that I liked was OCHA. You can find it on Session Road near Porta Vaga Mall. I ordered this spareribs with bagoong and green mangoes to go. It was good but it would be better eaten in the restaurant. I didn’t eat a lot because I was scared that the bagoong would give me allergies. It didn’t. Whew!

I will post more OCHA food and other food adventures when I get the photos. Meanwhile, let’s take a break from food and talk about more girly stuff, shall we?


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