Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bento Finds at Daiso

For me, Daiso is the best place to find affordable Bento materials. They have the actual bentos and a whole lot of accessories to choose from. Even if you are a newbie, you will certainly be able to make wonderful creations with a little help from these materials.

I did bentos when I was still working. It made me look forward to lunch. I packed my lunch to save money.  I didn't do the whole kyaraben thing but I did made an effort to make my lunch box bento-ish. So, I have a small collection of bento items which I now find useful again for preparing my son's meals. My collection is small because Daiso (then Saizen) was such a far away trek for me. Now that they have a Glorietta store, I can buy Bento stuff whenever I need them. Here are 2 that I found.

I tried this sausage mold once, with a cooked sausage. It was a fail. I think I need to use this while the hotdogs are still uncooked so that when I fry them, they will take the shape of the mold. This is my first time using this mold so if you have tips, please leave them below. I'd appreciate them. 

This onigiri mold is something that all bento enthusiasts must have. It's a pretty basic mold. I like using this for my son's rice because he likes eating with his hands. He can use utensils but he prefers his hands. I think he got that from me when I was pregnant with him (or maybe the other way around). I used my hands a lot when I ate, even when I ate salads. Pregnancy makes one do weird things. 

Anyway, this is very useful and so easy to use. My son enjoys his triangle rice a lot. I am falling into a cooking/meal preparation rut so my kitchen helpers are sleeping a lot. I will try to make an effort to do more in the coming days so that I can take advantage of my investments better. Fingers crossed! 


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