Friday, June 26, 2015

Celebrating My Son's 23rd Month Birthday

I was away for a few days because we celebrated my son's 2nd birthday. But before I share with you how we celebrated that day, let me share with your his 23rd milestone celebration first.

We are very simple people when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. We don't go all out having a party every month like some of my friends do for their kids. I have nothing against that. To each his own.

We are grateful and thankful for another month, another milestone in our child's life. It does not go unnoticed. Sometimes we give him a small gift such as a Hot Wheels car or two. Sometimes I give him a goody bag filled with small toys and snacks. Sometimes we just open a few Kinder Joy surprise eggs. Other times we just eat out.

For his 23rd month, I made an impromptu lunch. I wasn't planning on anything special. As a matter of fact, we were running low on supplies. I opened the fridge and thought I'd make pancit, one of his favorite dishes for lunch.

We had a simple pancit with a few vegetables and some fish balls. 

We ate lunch while watching his current favorite character, Spider Man. 

Of course, we needed to have some Cran-Rasp juice in his Lego Batman tumbler.

He took his usual nap after a few hours and when he woke up, he was greeted with a box of pies from Contis. His grandma got it for him. 

We ate ham and chicken pies for our afternoon snack.

Finally, I gave him this Agent P spoon and fork set because, well, he really likes Agent P. 

His 2nd birthday was also simple. It was no fuss. It was spent with family. I will share it with you soon. How do you celebrate your child's milestones? Do you go all out and party every month or do you have little celebrations? Share!


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