Thursday, July 16, 2015

Deep Fried King Fish with Mango Thai Salad from Banana Leaf

This is another dish I ordered when we were on our staycation. This is the deep fried king fish with mango Thai salad. I actually wanted a sambal fish but it's spicy and my son won't be able to eat it so I opted for this. It is a big fish that was enough for the three of us.

It was actually good with the sweet and sour dressing and the green mangoes. We ate this with some of our leftover chicken from Max's. This fish is really good. I think even my mom, who is not a big fan of Asian food, will like this.

My only comment for this order is that the rice was too little. On my first visit, they gave me so much rice. On this visit, I asked for 2 orders of rice but they came in that one container that I featured in my previous Banana Leaf post. So I asked them if the rice they gave me was already for 2 and they said yes. Oh, well.

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