Wednesday, July 15, 2015


We got a few gifts this week. First, my SIL and BIL are back home from Singapore for their son's 2nd birthday. We picked them up at the airport and spent the rest of the day in the mall. They gave us a few homecoming gifts before we parted.

I asked my SIL to buy us some IKEA straws as they are my son's favorite. As you may very well know, plastic is no longer allowed in Makati so most of the straws in the supermarkets are paper which we hate as it leaves a weird taste.

This is a Spidey coin purse from Zaini. It has mini egg chocolates inside. 

These are shirts for my son. My SIL knows my son is a Spidey freak nowadays thus the Peter/Spiderman shirt. These are still too big so I'm keeping them in my stash.

This is a bottle of body wash from Innisfree. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we don't have Innisfree here so I haven't tried their products yet. My SIL says they are pretty good. 

This is a face mask from the same brand.

I also asked her to buy me some Mod Podge as mine is running low. I tried to pay her for the Mod Podge and the straws but she said they are gifts. So sweet of her. Thanks sis!

These Mouskatools are their birthday gift for my son. This is a set from Play-Doh.

Snacks for the little boy. My son started eating the cashew nuts yesterday. He loves nuts like I do. 

Then today, I was surprised with this package. It's from my best friend Ahne. 

This is a Hot Wheels busy book for my son. It's her birthday gift for the little one. I'll be keeping this because we already have the same set and some of the cars are already missing. If I open this then the cars will probably meet the same fate. 

Finally, a pair of Ipanemas for me! I was really happy to receive this because it's not my birthday or anything. My best friend is just simply awesome. Thank you! Mwah!


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