Wednesday, February 18, 2015

National Bookstore Ang Pao 2015

I am always excited when CNY rolls around because of National Bookstore’s Ang Pao. If you are not familiar with these red bags, they are basically a bag of goodies. They are usually priced at 500 pesos but what you get inside is worth soooo much more. Such a great bargain!

This year, here’s what I got.


I got 3 bags because they were only priced at 300 pesos each! Can you believe that? There are so many goodies inside. The supervisor said that the bag is worth Php1,500.

So what’s inside? Are you excited?


These are the writing instruments – lots of pencils and pens. There’s also a highlighter, permanent marker and whiteboard marker. There’s also an assortment of Uni pens. There’s even a Paint Marker there.


These are double-ended colour pencils and crayons.


There are 3 correction tapes in one bag. The other one is in the next photo.


The roller tape is very useful for me as I always ship things. There’s the other correction tape and a stapler, which according to the super, is expensive.


Two different-sized notebooks.


This year’s book is…


This alone costs Php399 already. I grew up reading Archie comics  and my mom was super excited for this.

There are also 2 organizers included. Love, love these organizers!

Everything in the bag fits inside this clear box. And I still have some leftover space!


That’s the clear organizer when folded. There is also a clear book included in the bag. I always need clear books to organize my tax papers so this is helpful.


About half or more of the contents of the bag will be given away as gifts. I will put them in my own version of a goody bag. The ones left are for my son, for my crafts and for my journaling.

And while we’re in the subject of hauls, here’s what we hauled today.


I got this set of Doh-Dough Happy Meals because we just love playing with Play-Doh! My husband, son and I would always bring out our sets to play with them. Play-Doh is great for developing motor skills and strengthening fingers and hands. It’s also great for creativity and open-ended play. I love Play-Doh and I will continue to encourage my son and buy Play-Doh for him for as long as he wants to. This set is probably more for my husband and I. (haha!) I was so excited to go home because I wanted to play with this set. I initially wanted to buy the smaller sets. One for the doughnut and the other for the ice cream. Good thing I saw this set and the SA at Toy Kingdom was kind enough to show me the contents. I wanted to buy this because of the molds and not for the dough. We will stick with Play-Doh, thank you very much. Stay tuned for a review of this set soon.


I also got this fire engine Matchbox as my son is crazy about fire trucks. Then a Jake watch, some wet wipes and zip lock storage bags for mom. The Matchbox and watch are going inside my gift closet.

This is a Jake pocketbac and a Hotwheels PIzza truck which are also going in my gift closet. I had quite a Hot Wheels collection when I was a kid but I gave them away to my cousins. I think this is a great time to build up my collection again. It’s great that my son and I both love Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

Finally, this Spider Man tin set which Mom got and this Snap book which I got for only 47.50 pesos. The Spider Man set will also go into my gift closet. My son is on a Spider Man kick so I have been collecting Spider Man things for the past few weeks. I will give them to him when he is ready for them.

So that’s it! We spent about 3 hours in the mall and then went home. Our main goal was the Ang Pao bags so that’s mission accomplished.

The Ang Pao bags are good for today only so hurry and get yours now!


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