Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Let’s Talk: Stretch marks

Stretch marks…According to Wikipedia, they are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue. According to women who have them, they are just ugly marks on our skin that we can’t wait to get rid of. Unfortunately, there really is no permanent cure for this. However, science is quickly catching up and so we are seeing more and more products to help lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

stretchmark cures

Stretch marks didn’t bother me when I was a teenager. I was young and active. I was an athlete. I am very petite and so when I developed muscles, I developed stretch marks as well. These marks only bothered me after I gave birth. I have so many deep marks on my tummy. I used to be very proud of my flat, taut tummy but now, sigh.. That’s all I can say. So, I tried Glyderm. (It seems that many of you are affected by stretch marks seeing that my Glyderm post is my top post of all time.) You can read my review by clicking on the link.

Glyderm worked but I wasn’t really a big fan of the scent so I tried other products.

the body shop olive beauty oil

This is The Body Shop Olive Beauty Oil. This was recommended by my OB. This smells wonderful. I used it when I was pregnant and I am still using it until now. I apply this at night all over my tummy. It’s not very effective at removing stretch marks but it does a good job of moisturizing my skin.

olay quench plus firming lotion

Next is this Olay Quench Plus Firming Lotion. I also apply this on my stomach area and other parts that have stretch marks. I use this on days when I go out. Oils stick to clothes and sometimes they leave a film so I avoid them whenever I would go out. This is quite an effective product. I need to rub it in (as directed in the bottle) and in a few minutes, I can feel my skin becoming firmer. Perhaps if I used this daily, day and night, I will have excellent results. For now, I can say that the stretch marks are still there but my skin is more taut. Oh, the lotion smells nice too.


Finally, Bio-Oil. I think I saw this first at Changi Airport a few years ago. I wasn’t able to buy it then because, well, airline restrictions. When I saw that this was already available here, I bought a pack. I have 2 bottles. I opened this small one first to test it.

The scent is nice. The oil is easily absorbed by my skin. Out of the three, this one is the most effective at improving the appearance of my stretch marks. I haven’t been using this in a while because I am trying to finish the TBS oil. Once I finish that, I will pledge my allegiance to Bio-Oil.

So these are the products that I use for my stretch marks. My husband is not bothered by my marks at all. He thinks they are wonderful because they happened because of our little miracle boy. One of my best friends who gave birth a year before I did also told me that it’s okay to have them as we got a better gift in exchange – our little ones. I try to get rid of them just for my self-esteem but I have accepted the fact that they are there to stay and that’s okay. Try not to stress about yours. People love you because you are you, with or without stretch marks.


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