Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Today’s Toddler Breakfast and Lunch Plates


You ladies seem to be enjoying our toddler plates based on my analytics. Well, here’s more!

The plate above was our breakfast plate today. It consisted of pear slices, scrambled eggs with cheese and spring onions, one piece of bacon and some sweet potato fries. My son finished everything on this plate except for the bacon. He got it, went up to me and fed me the bacon. Sometimes he likes bacon, sometimes he doesn’t.


For lunch, I gave him some shredded chicken adobo, rice, ginataang puso ng saging (banana blossoms cooked in coconut milk) and some watermelon slices. He liked everything in this plate. He even tried the banana blossoms but found it hard to chew. He tried it several times though. He seemed to like it. He finished all the chicken. He also asked for more watermelons.

I put the fruit on the biggest portion because he always eats the fruits first. Then he goes on sampling the other foods in a clockwise direction. He seems to do it every single time.  Stay tuned for tonight’s dinner plate!


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