Saturday, March 21, 2015

Today’s Breakfast and Dinner Toddler Plates

Hi everyone! I have not been able to check-in yesterday because I had a little accident last Thursday night. I slipped and hurt my knee pretty bad. I’m better now though.

We went to my son’s regular doctor’s checkup today so there is no lunch plate. Here’s what he had for the rest of the meals.


This plate consists of  adobo rice, pancit bihon and a few pear slices. He already ate 2 slices before I was able to take a photo. He finished about 3/4 of the pancit and all the rice and pears.


For dinner we had rice, pork chops and corn and carrots. He finished the rice and got some more corn and carrots. He ate half of the meat. For dessert, he ate this.


Avocados in milk and sugar.


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