Friday, July 25, 2014

Japanese doughnuts

We like donuts but we don’t eat them regularly. We buy them as a treat..or for a quick breakfast. One day, I decided to try the Japanese Doughnuts from a kiosk in Landmark.


Of course I got the nutty version because I just love nuts! This was good. It’s different from regular doughnuts because it’s chewy and light. It’s also not very sweet. I like it but it takes a lot of getting used to especially if you are a hard core Krispy Kreme fanatic.


I got this chocolate version for my husband. If I am not mistaken, this has a chocolate filling. He didn’t like it. He said that he likes Krispy Kreme better.

I think this will be a great snack for my son and I so I’ll be sure to buy a few pieces next time we’re out.


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