Sunday, July 13, 2014


My mom, son and I tried the food at Café Isla in Century City back when the mall first opened. We didn’t like it very much. We tried the food at XO Restaurant  (the mother resto) because I saw that it was packed one Sunday when my family went there. I thought that it would be better. I was wrong.


We were given complimentary chichacorn for appetizers. They also gave us complimentary puto.


I loved the chicacorn but didn’t like the puto. They were too sweet. Mom found them too sweet as well. We were given plain butter and tinapa butter, I think. It was okay.


We were also given this riddle which already had the answer printed on the bottom.


I ordered a calamansi soda but it was terribly sweet too.


I ordered this sotanghon dish which I shared with my son. It was okay but like the arroz caldo, this was too garlicky. It was satisfactory, I guess.


Mom got her favorite ginataang halo halo but got disappointed. It was very, very sweet. She wasn’t able to finish this small bowl.

While there, we saw our pediatrician outside looking at the menu. My son and I went out to greet him. When we went to see him in the clinic, I told him that it was good that he didn’t eat there as the food was very sweet. He said that it was good I warned him. Both him and I were wondering why the restaurant had many recommendations displayed on their window. Maybe we just don’t have sweet teeth?


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