Friday, August 1, 2014

Food SnapShots 2

food snapshots 2

best pancake syrup ever// stars with orange marmalade// ham and cheese pastry // Nissin Waffle Deluxe // those super expensive chicken nuggets // adobo in a can

We love pancakes at home. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a good pancake or maple syrup. The good ones are also pretty expensive. I got a local pancake syrup that turned out to be awful so I decided to “invest” in an imported one. I found this at Rustan’s Fresh. It was quite pricey but it’s all worth it! It’s 2% maple. I don’t know what significance that holds but it’s delicious and that’s enough for us. This is a huge bottle that will last us for a long time.

These are star breads that have butter and orange marmalade on them. My son eats this for breakfast from time to time.

This is a ham and cheese pastry from Rustan’s Gourmet to Go. It was so-so. Nothing special.

Nissin Waffle Deluxe is my current addiction. I loved their small wafers as a kid and now this is great for an adult snack. My son likes this too. I always buy a box to stock up.

I found a box of chicken nuggets at Rustan’s Fresh and they looked delicious on the photo. I was looking for the price but it was not available. I browsed the price stickers on the freezer and they were all 300 pesos and under so I figured this must cost the same. I should have asked for the price. The box turned out to be Php700+! For a box of chicken nuggets! It was a disaster! I only found out when we got home and checked the receipt. At first I thought it was a mistake but when I went back and checked the price, it was true! Oh, boy.

It would have been okay had the chicken nuggets were stellar. They were bland and just weren’t very appetizing. I gave 2 to my son and he wasn’t able to finish them. He liked my mashed potatoes better. So, lesson learned. Next time, I will find someone to tell me the price of an item before tossing it into my cart.

Finally, I found this chicken adobo in a can from Purefoods. I didn’t have any big expectations about it but it turned out really good! We all liked it! For something straight out of a can, we enjoyed it as much as the real thing for breakfast.


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