Thursday, August 14, 2014

Make Laundry Time Quick, Easy and Pain-Free

How many of you hate doing the laundry? I know I do. It just takes a huge chunk of my time and zaps my energy. My husband used to do the laundry but I took over because he was taking forever to do it! He was also using too much water and that has affected our water bill a lot.


We used to do the laundry just once a week. Then the baby came and we had to do it daily because we needed to change his clothes several times a day plus there were the burp cloths and sheets that needed to be changed. My husband and cousin took over until I was feeling better and was allowed to do the chores. I knew I needed a system because I had my hands full with a newborn. So today, here’s how I do my laundry.

First, I have two baskets – one for my husband and I and one for our son. I should also really buy another basket for our sheets but that’s for another day.

I only do one load of laundry a day, and that’s it. Sometimes I do two but that only happens when I’m pressed for time. I also group my laundry per day. For example, on Mondays I do my son’s laundry. Tuesdays, ours. Wednesdays, sheets, Thursdays, denims and so on. When I finish the rotation, I go back to the beginning.

I also group my laundry items in one basket.


I like this soft basket from Daiso. It’s light and flexible. I keep my tub of laundry detergent in here (top photo) plus a few other things.


This is my Little Twin Stars laundry bag which I use for delicate items. I also have a few laundry balls. These are all from Daiso. I like this system because it keeps things organized and the basket is easy to carry around the house.


I don’t have a laundry room and I don’t have a dryer. I have a spinner which takes out the excess water from the wet clothes so that they won’t drip when I hang them. FYI for all you foreign readers, this is a normal way of doing the laundry here. Most people still actually do their laundry by hand so don’t be shocked.  =D


I start the laundry then instead of waiting for it to finish, I go and get the dry clothes from the laundry line and fold them. If I have  some more time, I do other chores. I hate waiting so multitasking is my thing. I also cook rice or boil something before starting the laundry. This way, the rice will be cooked by the time the laundry finishes and I don’t need to go up and down the house. I finish several chores at once. Being occupied also takes my mind off the laundry.

Sometimes I do some crocheting while waiting. My apron has two deep pockets perfect for my yarn, crochet needle and a pair of scissors. I can finish about 3-5 granny squares in one laundry session.

My secret to doing the laundry pain-free is to do other things while it is going on. Instead of wallowing in “despair”, I make it enjoyable by accomplishing other things on my list. I hope these tips will help you make your laundry sessions better!


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