Saturday, August 2, 2014

What to Put in a Toddler’s Going-Out Bag

I’m sure everyone who has a toddler is challenged every time they go out and bring the little one. The transition from a baby bag to a toddler bag is a bit blurred for me. Why? Well, when my son was still a wee baby, I would bring everything but the kitchen sink. I would have diapers (a necessity), a change of clothes, a jacket, paracetamol, thermometer, formula, water and bottles, his baby book and a bunch of other things. We had a big baby bag. I didn’t mind because I can put it in his stroller. I also like the idea of being prepared and having everything I need when I need it.

Now that he is a toddler, we needed a new stroller. My son is tall so he doesn’t fit in his old stroller anymore. It was supposed to be for 0-12 months but we had to change when he was just 8 months. This posed a problem with the baby bag because I can no longer put it in the stroller. So, I made the decision that it was time for a change.

Here’s what we normally have in our toddler’s going-out bag.


1. Change of shirts. The number depends on how messy your little one eats or how active he is. I usually bring 3.

2. Extra bottoms. My son self-feeds so he can be messy at times. Also, Huggies diapers leak. I didn’t have any extra bottoms in our bag so we had to go home early. Lesson learned. Now he uses diaper pants from Drypers.


3. Travel spoon and fork. This is not what we bring. This is what he uses at home. We bring the travel spoon and fork from Fisher Price. I posted this photo because I think that this is such a great buy from the brand. I will try to post the travel spoon and fork in a different blog post. If you need utensils for your little one, I recommend this set.


4. Anti-bacterial wipes are a must-have for me. I wipe down every surface he sits on like grocery carts, high chairs and even the diaper changing table. You can’t imagine how filthy those tables are. Even the ones in the customer lounges of Glorietta are dirty.

Mommy Tip: Of course, I don’t bring all these packets of wipes but I stocked up on them when they were on sale. One pack only cost me 15 pesos so I hoarded. It’s usually around 30 pesos. If it’s something that you always use, take advantage of sales and BOGOs.

5. Other thingsI also bring his baby bottle and water. Also, snacks are a must with my son as he eats every 2 hours so I really have to stock up. I also have his paracetamol and thermometer still inside his bag. I also include some wash cloths. The usual diapers and cotton and baby wipes are also there.

And, I have to put all these things in a small bag right?


My son is nuts about Lightning McQueen. This was the perfect size and it was on sale when I got it. I just hang this bag on the handles of his stroller and I have everything I need.

What’s inside your toddler bag?


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