Friday, August 29, 2014

The Great Bookstore Haul of the Season

We didn’t have much money growing up. My biological father left us when I was 5 years old so mom had to work hard in order to support my sister and I plus her siblings. I grew up with a nanny and my grandparents, more specifically, my grandfather. My grandfather was a war veteran and even at an old age, he didn’t want to quit working and serving his country. He worked as a teacher to the soldiers in the barracks. He had a measly salary but that did not stop him from enjoying one of the greatest loves his life – books.

That same love was passed on to me. Every payday, he would call up my grandmother and tell her to get ready (me included) because he was going home to pick us up and we would go to the mall. Back in the ‘80s, malls in Manila were still small. There were only few entertainment places but my grandfather and I were extremely happy with National Bookstore. We would spend hours there just looking and doing some quick reading. He would always buy me one book to take home. He didn’t scrimp on books. He said books were very important so I immersed myself in them.

Today, I am a housewife and mom and I am passing that same love to my son. We are on a very tight budget because for the past several months, just one thing after another keeps happening that requires a lot of money. I may scrimp on other areas of our lives but I will never scrimp on books and learning materials for my son.

Yesterday, we had an epic shopping trip going from one warehouse sale to another. We went to 2 different cities just so I could buy a ton of books for my son.  I will not hold you any longer. Here’s my haul.


This haul is from the Books for Less Warehouse Sale where you can get books for as low as 10 pesos! I got all these plus mom got 5 for herself. Mom devours books as well. She and her dad love espionage and strategy books the best.


This haul is from National Bookstore’s Warehouse Sale. The books were already discounted but the cashier discounted them another 50% off. Mom got 3 books for herself which were still plastic-wrapped.


I still have a ton of books in my mini library to read so I passed and checked out other things to buy for myself. I got the recipe binder for 100 pesos. It was only 99.50 in my local National but they ran out.// The Hot Wheels stationery set is for my son when he gets bigger. //I have plans for these cutout felt. I got 4 of them.// I can never resist a good notebook especially at a bargain price of 30 pesos. //I got the ribbons because I am planning something major for every occasion that will come by.// I also got a few things for scrapbooking.

I think the books will last us until the next warehouse sale. Now that I discovered how wonderful these warehouse sales are, I’ll be keeping my money until the next one arrives.


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