Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Travel Essential


Back when I didn’t have a baby yet, I would always go out from the hotel room all showered, hair fixed and with make up on to have breakfast. When the baby came, that was somewhat impossible to do. His needs come first before mine. I have curly hair and I needed something to look presentable in the morning when we would go down for breakfast.

I saw this lace headband at Daiso (not sponsored) and thought I’d give it a try. I usually don’t like elastic headbands because they give me a headache after a few hours. This one amazingly lasts the whole day on my head! It keeps my hair off my face (which is important when you have a fussing toddler) and makes me look presentable at breakfast. I wonder why I went on for so long without this simple trick….

So from now on, this headband is on my travel essential list.


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