Tuesday, December 23, 2014

15-Minute Organization with Daiso Items

I am constantly trying to organize our house. I’ve realized that in order to do this, I need some help from organizers and such. So, my goal for 2015 is to accumulate organizers in every shape and size. Here are a few items from Daiso that will help you get a few things in your house organized in just 15 minutes.


2 Minutes – Wrapping paper

Get all your wrapping paper and supplies and dump them all in these cute bins. Now you will never have to look all over the house for that leftover roll from last year.

3 Minutes – Vanity

This is too pretty to use as a trash bin. I think it’s better suited as a catchall on your vanity. Get all your nail polishes and put them inside or your cotton pads and even your bracelets. Even if you don’t have the time to spruce up your vanity, it will still look pretty.


5 Minutes – Command Center

Does your family have a command center? I am currently making one. You can use any space in your house as a command center. We have a small house so I utilized one portion of the walls to make as a command center.

You can use this hanging organizer to corral bills, receipts, notes, etc. You can put pens, homework, school notes, art projects and whatever it is that needs your attention.


2 Minutes – Your purse

Put all your loose makeup in this pretty pouch. Get several to store receipts, shopping bags, etc. I have several pouches in my bag. That way, I know exactly what to pull out when I need something. I don’t have to fish around looking for my pocket tissue.


3 Minutes- Your freezer

When you come home from grocery shopping, separate meats, seafood, etc. into one meal portions. For example, if you bought a kilo of ground meat for 2 separate dishes, portion them out into two freezer bags. This way, you only have to thaw one bag and still keep the other fresh inside the freezer. You can also label them – what kind of meat, date bought, for what dish, etc.

That’s 15 minutes in total! Quick and easy! Now you can start the year right! If you want more organization posts, please subscribe to my mailing list on the right. I will be posting more affordable organization finds in the coming days.


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